About the Blog

Writing, My Passion
I love to write.  I've pretty much been writing since I was 10, when I got inspired to write a book series about a family with 13 kids who solve mysteries.  (???)  After naming everyone in the family, I ran out of steam.  I couldn't think of a plot, much less a mystery plot.  Plotting has always been my nemesis!

One day, I hope to write fiction.  It's still a passion of my heart.  With three small kids, however, I can hardly find time to blog, much less time to develop the stories in my head and write them down!  But I want to write something, so I blog.

I've actually been blogging on and off for over ten years.  At the risk of sounding like a hipster, I was blogging before blogging was popular.  I was blogging before there were free blogging platforms like Blogger and all my thoughts were hand-coded HTML hosted by Brinkster.com.  Back then, the word "blog" was just becoming cool, and I always called my website a "personal site" (as opposed to a fan site for a celebrity, I guess).

I switched to Blogger at some point and started a blog called Tailor-Made, where I wrote for almost three years.  Near the end, I got caught up in the craft-blog mania and ultimately learned that I am not a craft blogger.  I enjoy making crafts, but not enough to make it the entire focus of my blog!  I quickly became overwhelmed and blogging became a burden.

But I still felt called to write.  So I completely reevaluated and revamped in November 2011, returning to what I know best -- writing. :) And here we are!

Behind the Name
I spent a good few days searching for a name for this little space.  Finally it came to me one morning as I was praying for grace for the day.  I quickly looked up II Corinthians 12:9.

I was kind of blown away.  I had grown up knowing this verse, but reading it in that season -- pregnant with Baby #3 in as many years, feeling overwhelmed and insufficient on a daily basis -- it was life to me.  It completely changed my perspective on being a mama.

This scripture is the heart behind my blog.  I'm not perfect, and I never will be.  I fail daily because of sin and weakness.  But God's power is perfect.  And His grace for me… well, that's enough.  

And because I have freely received that perfect grace time and time again, I want to freely give it to others.  Especially my husband, my children, and myself.

Why I Blog
I want to share my stories with you.  Stories of being a mama and a writer; stories of faith and hardship and encouragement; stories of God and His grace; stories of my children and my marriage.

I want to share whatever God puts on my heart.  It may not always be easy (it already hasn't), but I know if I write what He wants me to write, I won't regret it.  And I pray y'all will give me grace for those hard topics!

Along with my stories, you can also expect to find lots of Instagram photos (I'm kind of addicted), occasional family-favorite recipeshomeschooling experiences, some randomness, and eventually maybe a home tour.

Come on in and stay a while!

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