26 May 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

This past Sunday, we took a little day trip to Austin, TX, so that the kids (and Mama) could see the Capitol.  A lot of fun was had by all, especially on the front steps and lawn.

Asher trying to keep up... story of his life.

This hill though!

"It's so'mazing!"

A lot of beauty; a lot of sass.

This picture makes my eyes turn into little hearts.

Best Dad Ever Award!

All five of us hilariously crowded into one selfie.
Also... Hallie thinks the name of the Capitol is "selfie"!

On Monday afternoon, we saw on the news that downtown Austin had been flooded... and then that same storm system came and flooded Houston on Monday night.  Seriously, the streets only a couple blocks from us are completely underwater.  We just got our power back after being without for about 12 hours.  What!

So, all in all, we had a pretty eventful weekend.  How was yours, friends? :)

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