24 January 2015

Valentine Printable

I had planned on continuing my once-a-month Scripture printables this year, but just did not get around to doing January's.  So while I figure out what I'm doing there, enjoy this FREE valentine!

I used this for both of my kids last year and honestly will likely use it again this year since they're at a different school and I don't feel like figuring out something else.  Lol.

Bubbles are always a big hit for preschoolers! I got these containers at Hobby Lobby last year, but they're also available on Amazon.

Last year, I was in a rush printing and assembling them the day of their school party and couldn't find baker's twine to save my life, so I went with yarn.  Cute, but how much cuter would baker's twine be? I have some to use this year.  Yay!

If you'd like to download this FREE valentine for your own use, click here!

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