22 January 2015

Oh, hey there

I really have been meaning to post.

Since school started, though, I've just felt really scarce, like there wasn't enough of me to go around.  The kids' school is twenty minutes away and it takes about ten minutes for pick up and drop off, which means almost two hours every day are spent getting them there and home.  Then I have groceries, or Costco, or laundry, or playdate, or something.  Seriously... I've been meaning to take my car in for service for months, and there just never seems to be time!  (Nothing urgent, obviously.)

So blogging has slipped.

I can't believe I still haven't written Hallie's birthday post!  It's sitting -- all five words I have so far -- in my drafts along with ONE paragraph of the fifth part of Our Love Story!  Oooooops.

So.  Both of those are coming soooon.  (I realize I've been saying that since November, but I really am going to try to carve out some time this month or next to actually write!)

For now, enjoy these pictures of the cute little pup we adopted a few weeks ago.  (I know.  I do feel insane for adding a puppy into this already crazy mix.)

His name is Ranger, and he's a cutie.

The kids just love him, especially the boys.  

Their favorite game is chase, though we're still teaching Ranger that it's not acceptable to try to rip clothes off of people. ;)