25 October 2013

Teethers, nephews, and life.

You guys.  Life is crazy with three littles.

I hardly have time to think most days.  There's always a fight to mediate, a child who needs to be held, food to prep, laundry to wash/dry/fold, etc., etc., etc.  Finding time to blog has become less of a priority.

So here's what's been going on with me.

The past week I've had two teethers.  Well, Asher shouldn't really count.  Other than the drool and a little fussiness, he has been himself.  Considering that he is the happiest baby I've ever met, being a little fussy makes him almost normal. Haha.

This is the face of a happy teether.
Hallie, on the other hand, has been cranky enough for two.  Two-year-old molars.  Teething on steroids.  Seriously.  I have never seen my girl this cranky.  She won't eat and won't sleep.  Which means, of course, Mama doesn't get to sleep, either.

Midnight cuddles.
Fortunately, the bottom two look like they've broken all the way through, and Hallie seems much happier today.  Unfortunately, she didn't get all four in at the same time, so we have to do this all over again when the top two decide to come in.  Yay.

To top everything off, Gabriel got sick last night.  I'm praying that it was just an isolated incident, that it's not a stomach bug about to go on a rampage through my house.  I just don't think I can handle that right now (or ever!), thanks.

But, lest you think I'm complaining, lots of good stuff's been going on, too!

On October 13, my sister-in-law had a baby boy.  We were in Dallas for the weekend and I got to see him when he was less than an hour old.  I forgot just how little they are when they're born.  It's only been five months since Asher was born, but I was surprised just how much I didn't remember.

Here he is, y'all.  Isaac Andrew.
There's just something so precious about a new little life.

Fresh.  Peaceful.  Innocent.  Beautiful.

Isaac is a strong little baby, just like a Louis.  He got an infection while in the hospital and had to stay an extra ten days for a round of antibiotics. :( But every picture I saw of him, he was so peaceful and calm, like he didn't even notice his IV.  Amazing.

Getting ready to leave the hospital!
He's home now and doing really well. :)

Not as interesting, but I wanna talk about it... homeschooling Gabriel has been an absolute joy to my heart.  We're a little behind -- started a week late and then took a few days off for the birth of my nephew -- but we are having SO much fun.  I highly recommend the curriculum we've been using, God's Little Explorers.  If you have preschoolers and are contemplating home school, check it out. 

This week, we were learning about Abraham, so we built a tent in our playroom.  It was also great to read about the original Isaac, since cousin Isaac was fresh in his mind.

Fun was had by all!
This past Wednesday, my husband got off work early so I could go have an adventure on my own without kids.  (Well, except Asher, but he hardly counts because he's so easy.)  I without a doubt married the best man.  Ever.  Not only did he take care of the babies, but he dealt with Hallie at her worst.

I went to hear one of my favorite authors speak.  I also got to hug him and get a book signed.

Ted Dekker, y'all.  TED. DEKKER.
This guy is so incredible.  Everything he talked about was like a timely word for me.  It was exactly what I needed to hear in this season.  But more on that in another post.  For now I'll just say, what a privilege to have had the opportunity to hear his heart twice now.  Instead of, you know, just reading his heart.  Ha!

Anyway, my little non-mommy outing gave me strength to get through the night mommying a sleepless toddler.  Hallelujah.  No pun intended.  (Because I call said toddler Hallie-Lou.)

Well, there's a little who needs to be fed and a little who needs to be set free from "room time," so I should sign off.

I have some exciting news that I'm going to be sharing soon, so stay tuned! :)
(Not nearly as exciting as my new nephew or meeting Ted, but big news for me, nonetheless!)

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  1. Taylor! aka - Taylor-Lynn. aka - TL. aka - the BEST web designer EVER. aka - the BEST editor ever. aka - the BEST mommy to my nephews and niece ever. aka - the BEST BIGGEST sister ever. Ok, need I say more?

    Now I know life may seem ritual, virtual, usual, and casual, but YOU are such an inspiration. I so wish I could just sit on your couch, while drinking cheap coffee that you keep at your house for me because you and Drew don't drink it, and hear your heart. It's food for my soul. Well, besides the real food for my soul. Anyway, I am seriously thinking of coming to Houston soon for Passion and would love to take you with me! So, ask that awesome hubby of yours if he can hold down the fort again :). Hopefully it wont be when Hallie cuts her two top teeth. :)

    Love you, sister :).