14 May 2013

Cinco de Mayo!

In the wee hours of the morning on May 5, 2013, Drew and I welcomed our second son into the world.

It was a long labor; 26 hours. Asher was nice and comfy in his wet water world and didn't want to come out!

My contractions began around 11 on Friday night. I had been in bed since 9, exhausted from being sick all day. I drifted in and out of consciousness for a few hours, finally waking up enough to realize that I was having contractions. 

It was a long night. I basically slept for about 3 hours, and only after taking Tylenol PM (midwife recommended). The next morning, we called our friends to watch our kids and started getting ready to leave for the hospital.  

All morning, I'm thinking, Hallie's labor was only 12 hours -- I could have this baby by lunchtime!!

And then things just stopped. Again

Twelve hours of contractions came to a complete halt. Disappointing. Frustrating!

Drew's family were already on their way down. It was awful calling to tell them -- again -- that it was a false alarm. (They decided to come anyway and I'm so thankful!)

I remember telling Drew over lunch, "I am not willing for this to be false labor. After twelve hours, at almost 41 weeks? No. It's one thing to have false labor at 38 weeks. But 41? No!"

And we prayed that things would pick back up again. 

Finally -- FINALLY -- around 6 that evening, they did. By 8 the contractions were coming pretty regularly, and we left for the hospital around 9:30.

At midnight, I looked at the clock in the labor room, and said, "So much for a Star Wars baby... Happy Cinco de Mayo!"

Asher Mark Louis was born at 1:41am. 

A few minutes old.

What a blessing he has been to our lives in the short week he's been with us! 

Ready to leave the hospital!

Big brother and sister adore him, which makes this Mama's heart just melt.

And he is the smiliest baby! He gave me his first smile less than 12 hours after birth. He has since smiled at Daddy, Bubba, Sissy, and Honey, as well as multiple times at Mama.

I love him so much more than I thought possible. 

He is truly a blessing sent from God. 

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