23 April 2013

The Waiting Game

Last Tuesday, we thought I was in labor.

I started having contractions around 1am.  We went into the hospital for my scheduled prenatal appointment at 11am and were told that there was no progress.  The midwife gave us two options:  go home and rest or go on a walk.  

We opted for a walk.  After all, walking was how I got labor really going with Gabriel.

But after lunch and two hours of walking on and off, things were looking the same.  A disappointed and exhausted Daddy and Mommy headed home to get some much needed rest.

The contractions went away gradually.  For a few hours, I was convinced we'd have to go back to the hospital that night, but alas... things finally got quiet.

And they've remained so for a week.  

Every time I have even the slightest Braxton Hicks, I hold my breath to see if it goes anywhere.

Every night, I go through a mental list of stuff, "just in case."  

Bags -- packed.
Clothes -- clean.
Car seat -- ready.

Still nothing.

I've gotten stuff done.  There are seven meals in my freezer that weren't there last Tuesday.  I've done laundry and gone grocery shopping a few times, making sure my kids will have something to eat and wear while I'm in the hospital.

This girl is so ready to be a big sister!
But what I'm really doing is waiting.
Any suggestions for distracting my mind?!  I know it's unlikely for labor to come when I'm just sitting around, but it's hard for me to want to do anything else!

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