10 April 2013

So Little Time, So Much to Do!

If there's one thing I've learned about myself in my now three pregnancies, it's that I am not a nester.

I'm actually a little envious of the mamas who get those little spurts of energy at the very end.  For me, the closer it gets to D-Day, the lazier I get.

Hey, the way I look at it, my body is hard at work nourishing two lives, so the best thing I can do for my body is rest.  And eat.  But that's another story. ;)

The 12ish projects that I planned to accomplish before Asher arrives... the ones I was going to tackle one-per-week and be done by April 1st?  Yeah, they pretty much flew out the window after the second week (which was at the end of January). Since then, I've done a grand total of three-and-a-half.

At least the cradle is set up and ready to go!
Third trimester kicks serious booty, y'all.

And now that Asher is full term (YAY!), I doubt I'll get any of the rest of them done.  There are more important things to think about... like packing for the hospital (my first time delivering at one! eep!), writing out my birth "plan," making freezer meals, and praying that I don't have any more near-panic attacks about giving birth.  I also have to stay caught up on laundry, grocery shop, and feed my family.

I have so much respect for women who get anything done in their third trimester.  Seriously, all I want to do is lay in bed (the only place my rib cage gets any relief).

Well.  It's laundry time.  Two loads to fold and one to wash/dry.

At least one of the loads is baby clothes!

Eighteen days and counting...

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