03 March 2013

Just Like Mama

Me:  "Gabriel, what do you want to be when you grow up?"
Gabriel: "I be just like you, Mama!"

No.  Joke.  My heart melted.  Pretty much instant tears.

And then I got super convicted.

Because sometimes, I hear him say things to his sister that make me cringe.  Not because of how ugly it is, but because I recognize where he heard it.  It is an echo of something that I have said to him.

I've often heard that marriage is like a mirror -- in doing life with someone else, you become more aware of the areas in your own life that need to change.  But I would say that having kids is even more of a mirror. (and not just because you might have a mini-me running around under your feet!)

A sweet friend of mine (who actually just became a mommy this morning!) posted this quote on Instagram about a week ago.  It was probably the day after the above conversation with my son, so it was a timely word for me.

I'm trying to be conscious of my shortcomings as a person and a parent.  Not to focus on negatives, but to change that part of me for my children.  I fail literally every day.  Multiple times.

But by the grace of God, I will eventually become the type of person I want my kids imitating and emulating.

And you know what?  His power is made PERFECT in my weakness.

Where I am weak, there He is strong.


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