11 February 2013

A Little Post of Randoms

Hello, friends.

My mind is everywhere lately and I can't seem to form coherent thoughts, much less compose a whole blog post.

Welcome to the sleepless nights of the third trimester, Mama.

So, I thought I would just post a few random things that have been on my mind.  Who knows... it might be entertaining to see where this leads...

Hopefully next week, I'll be able to get my thoughts in order long enough to write something worth reading! :)


I got a domain!  It's been something I've been meaning to do for years, but I finally took the plunge and did it!  Woo!

I've been designing my sister's wedding website and was working in their domain trying to get it linked to the host (looooong story -- like 2-3 days long) and when I finally figured it out, I decided I might as well take what I'd learned and do my own.

Mine took literally 10 seconds.  Go figure.


I missed my organizational goal last week.  I just hit a wall.  We hosted a Super Bowl party for our Sunday school class.  It took me two days to recover and when I did, the last thing I wanted to do was organize a closet.  So now I'm a week behind, which means I'll either remain a week behind and just tack the last project on at the end or I'll have to overlap projects a bit.  Not sure which one I'll do.


During my previous two pregnancies, I've severely limited my sweets intake during the third trimester.  And by severely limited, I mean I would only ingest them on the weekends.

But I can't seem to bring myself to do it this time around.  I just want to reward myself for keeping the kids alive... or making dinner... or finishing the laundry... or whatever.  Because all of those things are the last things I want to be doing.  (Well, obviously I want to keep my kids alive.  But sometimes I wish they could keep themselves alive for at least five minutes!)

And because I keep eating all this sugar, I'm starting to worry that Asher is going to be quite a bit bigger than my other two 8lb, 6oz babies (yes, they were the same size).

Lord, help me!


I am SO behind on laundry.  Ugh.  Last week, I had to pull stuff out of the dirty clothes just to have something to wear.  I've been pretty good about staying on top of my kids' laundry, especially with Hallie outgrowing all of her clothes (only a few outfits still fit) and Gabriel going to MDO (skinny kid only has four pairs of pants that fit around the waist).

But my laundry is rarely all clean at the same time.  Which means I'll have pants, but no shirts, or vice versa... or I'll have clothes, but no panties.  Poor Drew has been forced to do his own on the weekends.  Sometimes I'm able to fold it for him, but more often, he's living out of laundry baskets.

Currently I have 3 clean loads sitting in my hall, one in Hallie's room, and one in the dryer.  Guess I know what I'll be doing during nap time today.


My car is in desperate need of a vacuum.  I haven't had the inside done since the summer... before our family vacation to the beach.  Yeah.  Gross.  It's just so hard to sit and wait with two toddlers, even on the weekends when I have Daddy's help.  Add another thing to the list of things to do when Gabriel's at MDO!


Tomorrow, I have to take my glucose test.  I'm freaking out a little.  You'd think, being that this is my third, stuff like needles and getting blood drawn would be no big deal.  But it is a big deal.  I don't know if I'll have both kids (how long is pneumonia contagious?) or if Drew will be able to take off work in the morning to offer moral support.  And considering I have to drink the glucose mixture first, then sit and wait for however long with one antsy toddler (possibly two)... I'm just not looking forward to it at all.  Who could blame me?

Well, that's all for today, folks.  Time to go fold some laundry, call the pediatrician, and start dinner prep.

Whew.  Wish me luck!

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