04 December 2012

I Like Babies.

I like babies.  So does my husband.  And since we've been thus far successful in making the two cutest babies on the planet, we decided to try our luck and go for number three! :)

How I told Daddy.
Today we had our first sonogram of our newest addition.  I'm pretty sure s/he* is going to be just as cute as Gabriel and Hallie. 

Here are some of the precious pictures we were able to capture:

Baby face!
Little hands and foot.
Hair!  And a Morrow nose!

I'm one happy and blessed mama. 

* Note:  We did find out the gender, but I wanted the grandparents, aunts, and uncles to find out from me personally, rather than through my blog (which many of them read).  Gender reveal on here in a few days!

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