19 December 2012

And we're having a...


The technician was able to tell us within two seconds of starting the sonogram. :)

Gabriel is very excited to be expecting a little brother.  Since we first told him that we were going to be having another baby, he has been mostly been saying it's another sister.  But starting a week before the sonogram, he changed his tune, confidently saying the baby was going to be a boy.

Hallie, of course, has no idea what's going on.  But seeing as how she carries her "deedees" everywhere already, I'm not worried about what she'll think of a new addition!

Sweet profile.
We have chosen the name Asher for our little guy.  This name is actually what Drew wanted to call Gabriel, but I'd had my heart set on Gabriel since I was like thirteen so Drew conceded like any good husband should! ;)

Asher means "blessed, happy, fortunate."  It really couldn't be more perfect for how I feel, knowing that God has given us another son to steward and raise up to serve Him.
"Then Leah said, 'How [blessed] I am! The women will call me [blessed].' So she named him Asher." Genesis 30:13

And I really couldn't be more blessed.

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