19 November 2012

My Morning

I'm a lucky mama.

Today, I get to spend the day with Superman and Giggle Girl.

Superman flies around the room wreaking havoc, while Giggle Girl attempts to walk and/or play with her toys.  She is largely unsuccessful in both areas, thanks to Superman.

I was able to capture a few minutes of my morning on video.

I tried to get some footage of Giggle Girl walking, but every time she got close, Superman whooshed in  and knocked her over.  And here I thought he was supposed to save people! ;)

Hallie started taking steps all on her own on Friday.  She literally went from zero walking on Thursday to four or five steps at a time on Friday.  She was playing in Bubba's truck (while he was watching a show) and just climbed out and took four steps before falling.  This was repeated multiple times, much to my unbelieving eyes.

I'll admit it.  I cried briefly -- happy/sad tears.

Since Friday, she's been gradually extending her walking spurts and now she can get halfway across a room before she falls.  Sunday, when I picked her up from the nursery at church, she practically ran to me.  What?!

As much as I thought I wasn't ready for this next step (no pun intended!), I'm so excited and happy for my little girl.  She's doing something big and she knows it!


  1. T,

    I admit as well, I teared a little reading/watching this. I love your children so much. I am so thankful for technology (facetime, too) so that I have the opportunity of watching them grow up and of course, watching you be a fantastic mom. Love you, sis ;)

  2. Tay, I love your new blog title and your new design. I'll have to put your button on my blog that I just re-did!! Forever techie twins :) And I miss my little niece and nephew so so so much! They are growing up too fast, it's bittersweet. Hallie looks more beautiful each and every day and Gabriel is growing into quiet a little boy!! You have the perfect little family and I cannot WAIT til Christmas and I cannot WAIT to find out if Baby Louis is a boy or a girl! Love you, sister, and see you soon.