19 December 2012

And we're having a...


The technician was able to tell us within two seconds of starting the sonogram. :)

Gabriel is very excited to be expecting a little brother.  Since we first told him that we were going to be having another baby, he has been mostly been saying it's another sister.  But starting a week before the sonogram, he changed his tune, confidently saying the baby was going to be a boy.

Hallie, of course, has no idea what's going on.  But seeing as how she carries her "deedees" everywhere already, I'm not worried about what she'll think of a new addition!

Sweet profile.
We have chosen the name Asher for our little guy.  This name is actually what Drew wanted to call Gabriel, but I'd had my heart set on Gabriel since I was like thirteen so Drew conceded like any good husband should! ;)

Asher means "blessed, happy, fortunate."  It really couldn't be more perfect for how I feel, knowing that God has given us another son to steward and raise up to serve Him.
"Then Leah said, 'How [blessed] I am! The women will call me [blessed].' So she named him Asher." Genesis 30:13

And I really couldn't be more blessed.

11 December 2012


(Written this morning.)

Here I sit in the DFW airport... childless except for baby #3, peacefully sleeping in my tummy.

First up on my reading list:  Undaunted by Christine Caine!

Drew has a conference in New York City two days this week, so we decided to make a vacation out of it. You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to this getaway!

- I have never been to New York in my life, unless you count driving through or a layover, when I had to wave at the skyline from a distance. I don't.

- I love Christmas. This fact is no secret to anyone who knows me. The fact that I'll be in NYC the week before Christmas... ohmygoodness. I'm kind of hyperventilating. Hello lights and Rockefeller tree!!

- I've always wanted to see a Broadway show on actual Broadway. This week, we'll be seeing two. Reason #7893168371 why I have the best hubby in the world. Merry Christmas to me! (No really, this trip is our present to each other).

- I need some me time. I don't require much... just a hotel room (or a Starbucks with a peppermint hot chocolate), a good book (I packed five), and quiet.

- Drew and I need this time to focus on each other and our friendship. Things get so crazy when you have two kids. I sometimes feel like all we talk about is them! It'll be so good to just talk about each other and our marriage.

- I need a break from my kids for a few days. Not because they've been driving me crazy (which they have), or because I'm exhausted (which I am), but because I need a fresh perspective on how much I love staying home with them.

- Lastly... Italian food, New York pizza, street vendor hot dogs, and insane bakeries. Enough said.

I'm so excited.

I'm also SO grateful to my in-laws for graciously keeping my two kids this week so Drew and I can have a little vacation. I don't know if they know what they've gotten themselves into... ;)

04 December 2012

I Like Babies.

I like babies.  So does my husband.  And since we've been thus far successful in making the two cutest babies on the planet, we decided to try our luck and go for number three! :)

How I told Daddy.
Today we had our first sonogram of our newest addition.  I'm pretty sure s/he* is going to be just as cute as Gabriel and Hallie. 

Here are some of the precious pictures we were able to capture:

Baby face!
Little hands and foot.
Hair!  And a Morrow nose!

I'm one happy and blessed mama. 

* Note:  We did find out the gender, but I wanted the grandparents, aunts, and uncles to find out from me personally, rather than through my blog (which many of them read).  Gender reveal on here in a few days!

01 December 2012

The God Who Sees

"Do you see me, Mommy?"

These are words that have come out of Gabriel's mouth many times over the past month.

I was amused at first.  He'd look up at me with an expectant look in his big brown eyes, eyebrows raised in question and I wouldn't be able to help but give a little laugh.  "Yes, I see you, Gabey," I'd say before ruffling his hair.

But as the question became more frequent, the words began to speak to me.  The need to be seen and known is one that is so basic to us as humans!  Was Gabriel's simple request was God's way of letting me know that I need to pay more attention to my kids?  Perhaps.  I'll be the first to admit that I probably spend way too much time on my phone instead of focusing on my children.

But I think it was more than just a gentle conviction.

As I pondered the question, I sensed God tenderly reminding me that He sees me.

Since moving to Houston over a year ago, I've struggled off and on with feeling like God doesn’t see how alone and isolated I sometimes feel.  I’ve settled in and adjusted, but I still miss home and my friends.  I’m bothered by the fact that our kids don’t live close to family.  And I feel like God doesn’t see any of what I'm feeling.

But He does!

He sees and cares!

This concept is one I've known for a long time, but it never became more real to me than when God actually spoke it to me.  It's like when you've read a scripture verse over and over again, but then one day it just jumps off the page, ya know?

I have been so encouraged and I just wanted to share that with y'all.  Whatever you're going through, wherever you are in life, know that HE SEES YOU.  He sees you and He knows you and He is taking care of you.

Be encouraged, friends!
"She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: 'You are the God who sees me.' And she said, 'Truly here I have seen Him who looks after me.'" Genesis 16:13

28 November 2012

Sick Days


We have colds at our house this week.  

The only thing worse than a sick mama with two sick babies is if a sick daddy joins us.  No one wants a sick daddy!

I don't think it's quite fair for moms that we don't get sick days.  I mean, practically every other job in the western world allows for sick time.  You call in and you say, "Hey, I'm sick."  And that's that.

But not stay-at-home moms!  We don't have the option to spend the day sleeping, trying to recover.  We have to get up and go about our normal 12(ish)-hour work day with a two-hour break during nap time.  If we're lucky, we might get to spend that precious time napping... but if we do, our house looks like a tornado ripped through it.  At least mine does.

I rarely contemplate the benefits of not being a stay-at-home mom.  Honestly, I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I know it's not for everyone, but it's definitely for me and I couldn't imagine it any other way. 

But when a sick day rolls around... I wish I could actually take a sick day.

Since I can't, I guess I'll drink some more Emergen-C and take some more decongestant while attempting to sleep during nap time instead of blogging.  Whoops.

19 November 2012

My Morning

I'm a lucky mama.

Today, I get to spend the day with Superman and Giggle Girl.

Superman flies around the room wreaking havoc, while Giggle Girl attempts to walk and/or play with her toys.  She is largely unsuccessful in both areas, thanks to Superman.

I was able to capture a few minutes of my morning on video.

I tried to get some footage of Giggle Girl walking, but every time she got close, Superman whooshed in  and knocked her over.  And here I thought he was supposed to save people! ;)

Hallie started taking steps all on her own on Friday.  She literally went from zero walking on Thursday to four or five steps at a time on Friday.  She was playing in Bubba's truck (while he was watching a show) and just climbed out and took four steps before falling.  This was repeated multiple times, much to my unbelieving eyes.

I'll admit it.  I cried briefly -- happy/sad tears.

Since Friday, she's been gradually extending her walking spurts and now she can get halfway across a room before she falls.  Sunday, when I picked her up from the nursery at church, she practically ran to me.  What?!

As much as I thought I wasn't ready for this next step (no pun intended!), I'm so excited and happy for my little girl.  She's doing something big and she knows it!

12 November 2012


Yesterday, my car was robbed.

I can't say "broken into" because I forgot to lock it.  I always lock my car.  And I forgot.

Once I realized what had happened, I wanted to cry.  I felt so violated.  People had been in my car, rustling through my stuff and had taken whatever they wanted.  My basic human right to own property had been disregarded.  Everything was gone.

Well, not everything.  The thieves had thankfully left the car seats and had not bothered taking anything that was actually installed, like the radio and DVD player (although they did make off with the DVD remote and two bluetooth headphones -- although I can't know why a remote would be of any value without the player).

I have so much to be thankful for.  It shouldn't matter that I'm now a few things poorer.  But it somehow does!  It matters because my things were unlawfully taken.  My rights were encroached upon. And I can't do anything about it.

There had been no consideration that some of the stuff had still been in the birthday bags from Hallie's party that evening. Seriously, what kind of people steal a baby's birthday gifts?!  Still in the bags?!  This was probably the most upsetting to me.  Her pretty little outfits that she hadn't even had a chance to wear -- gone.  And probably to fund someone's drug addiction.

Along with Hallie's gifts, they stole a bag of Gabriel's clothes and his DVDs -- all of them Christmas and birthday gifts and obviously belonging to a little kid (if the two car seats weren't hints enough).  Needless to say, it was a long four-hour trip home from Dallas with no entertainment for a restless two-year-old.

Yesterday was a bad day.  Every time I thought of the robbery, I felt like crying.  I realize how silly that sounds, considering nothing of real value was taken.  It could have been a lot worse.  Drew left his wallet and Blackberry in the car the night before.  Fortunately, I happened to grab them and stick them in my purse.  It was an afterthought.  I almost left them.

They could have vandalized the car, but they didn't.  They just raided the inside, leaving minimal damage where they ripped the remote out of the ceiling.

Honestly, if they had really wanted to, the thieves could have made off with the entire car.  The valet key was right there in the glovebox, which they had emptied.

I should be thankful that nothing irreplaceable was stolen, that nothing was damaged.  And I am.  I just have to keep reminding myself in the midst of an overwhelming sense of violation and indignation (and guilt that I forgot to lock the car):

I have so much to be thankful for.  I can't -- and won't -- let a little thing like a car robbery rob me of my thankfulness.

06 November 2012

I'm Not Ready!

I don't know when it happened, when my newborn baby girl grew into an infant, then a baby, and who is now on the brink of toddlerhood.

I just blinked.

And now she's a year old.

I don't think a mama is ever ready for her baby to turn one, but somehow, it didn't come so much as a surprise with Gabriel.  I guess I was probably as prepared for his first birthday as any mommy can be.  I look back and remember feeling excited that we were entering a new phase of life and development.  There was a little nostalgia, but mostly anticipation.

Life has moved too fast for me this past year.

Time should have slowed down, taking into account that I have an attention-hungry toddler.  I haven't been able to focus on Hallie as much as if she'd been my first.  As a result, I feel like I've missed so much.  Mostly little things, but we all know the little things are sometimes the most important.  Like...

when she became obsessed with baby dolls...
when she started to love cuddling with mama...
when she learned how to give hugs and kisses...
when she began imitating everything her brother does or says...

When did she turn into a little girl?!

I don't want her to stay a baby forever.  I'm not naive.  I'm just not ready.

I'm not ready to say goodbye to Baby Hallie.  I'm not ready for that now-familiar-but-still-new phase.  I'm not ready for walking and talking and growing up.  All I want is for time to slow down for a few weeks so that I can enjoy this last little stage of baby before she turns into a toddler.  Once we leave this stage, there is no going back.

But, of course, there is no slowing down time.  I know this by now.  I just can't help wishing for it.

I celebrated with her today.  It was hard not to, watching her get excited about blueberry muffins and a new baby doll and a strawberry cupcake just for her.  Nevertheless, there was much more nostalgia on my end than there was on Gabriel's first birthday.

I think I'll end this post now before I get too melancholy.  Birthdays are, after all, happy events. :) I'll leave everyone with pictures of my little beauty.  Enjoy!

Less than 12 hours old.
Easter 2012 (five months).
One of my absolute favorites (9 months).
First cupcake!
Such a happy birthday girl! 

01 November 2012

My Vision

Second Corinthians 12:9 is the heart behind my blog.  It completely sums up my life being a wife and mommy -- failing daily because of sin and weakness, but knowing that His grace is enough for me.

I want to have grace like that.  Grace for myself, my husband, and my kids.  Freely I have received, so freely I want to give.

My vision for this blog is an outlet for me to share my life.  I want to share funny stories, sad stories, and happy stories.  I want to share God stories.  I want to share stories of His grace with me and (hopefully) my grace with others.

This is a place for me to be transparent and open.  I hope y'all don't mind my honesty. :)