25 January 2016

Not Done Yet!

Well, that was a good long absence from my dear little site.

I do have good reasons why I fell off the face of the earth, though.  First off-- homeschooling.  Even doing it only part-time has proved to be pretty time consuming.  Probably because of the two little preschoolers that are constantly interrupting.  I actually have this pretty funny little video of Gabriel reading with Hallie and Asher literally running in circles around the table yelling about something.  Good times, people.

But probably more why I haven't blogged these last couple months...

I started feeling pretty sick around the first week of November.

Yep.  Preggers.

Louis Baby #4 is on his/her way!

We are so, so, SO excited.  The kids have been asking for another baby since around January 2014!  We've been "trying" for #4 since Asher was around a year old, though I put trying in quotation marks because we weren't really actively mapping my cycle or anything.  

We suffered a miscarriage in mid-February 2014, which was heartbreaking for both me and Drew.  It was my third miscarriage and by far the latest one I had.  The first two, I barely knew I was pregnant.  This time, I was 8 weeks along and it was just horrible.

"Weeping may tarry for the night,
but joy comes with the morning!" Psalm 30:5
I will be 16 weeks tomorrow (yay!), and hopefully past the worst of the morning all-day sickness and extreme fatigue.  You guys.  I was going to sleep at 9pm for a week or two.  ME.  9PM!  What?!  

In some ways, the time has flown by.  In other ways, I'm just like "ARGH, why do I have to wait until the end of February to find out this kid's gender?!"  Hahaha.

Anyway, I'll leave you with some sonogram pictures.  Here's our beloved #4 at 10 weeks.

Already with the cutest little profile!

Waving to Mama and Dada!

(Also coming soon -- fingers crossed -- is Hallie's birthday letter and the next part of Our Love Story!)

03 September 2015

The Littles Go to School

This morning, I woke Hallie up (which almost never happens) by telling her it was time for school.  I've never seen that girl get up and dressed so fast.  I told her to get her shoes on while I got dressed and she traipsed into my room a few minutes later with shoes and her backpack.

"Daddy, guess what?!" She exclaimed excitedly.  "Today is my first day of school!"

Asher was almost as excited as his sister.  His class has a Lightning McQueen toy that he scoped out on Tuesday.  (It should also be noted that he has a Lightning McQueen backpack, lunch box, and nap mat.  He is more obsessed with Cars than he was at his birthday.)

We needed this excitement to carry us through the early-morning rush of getting three kids out the door a half-hour earlier than usual.  (Gabriel had his first spirit day today.)

We also needed this excitement after we dropped Big Brother off, when both kids got their faces and knees scraped up on the sidewalk.  Jumping off of steps and curbs and walkways can be dangerous, kids, but who ever listens to their mother?

As I strapped both kids in their carseats to a chorus of wails, runny noses, blood, and tears, I asked them if they still wanted to go to school.  The answer was a yes that sounded more like "why would we not want to go to school?!"

So we went to school.

Hallie's routine was the same as last year.  We dropped her off first and she was happy to see one of the boys from last year in her class again.

Then I headed to Asher's class.  He had thoughts only for that Lightning McQueen, and I prayed that no other child had it first.

Thankfully, he found it while I was unloading his backpack.  Hallelujah.

I watched him play for a few minutes, but then I had to quickly duck out before I started crying.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my cuties!  (Yay for having green grass again!)

11 August 2015

First Day of Kindergarten!

Well, I have a Kindergartener.

It's been a crazy-busy summer and time has just flown by, leaving me vainly grasping for more lazy days and pool time and after-dinner freeze pops.

I was a mess this morning.  Anxiety was threatening to make me sick, emotions were running high, Hallie wouldn't get dressed, I hadn't gotten groceries so it was slim pickings for breakfast... it was rough.  And we had to be out the door by 7:30am.  My kids usually wake up between 7:30 and 8.

I was near tears.

Drew had to remind me of reality.  "It's not five days like last year; it's only three.  You can do it."  

The school Gabriel is enrolled in is university model, meaning he's home two days and in the classroom two days.  I needed the reminder that I'm only letting go a little bit today.  I let go a lot more last year and it was fine.

Still, last year was preschool.  He was still a little kid.  This is Kindergarten.  Big kid territory.

I'm not ready to have a real-school-aged kid!

But I'll count my blessings that I get to homeschool him on Mondays and Fridays and that he only has half days on Wednesdays.

And that someone else can teach him to read.  Hallelujah.

First day of school excitement!
I'm such a sucker for kids in uniforms! 
He's acting out MY disbelief. ;)
Ignore our dead grass.  After major flooding in May, Houston's been a desert. :/ We can't catch a break.
Heading to class after assembly.